Intempo Large and Portable Fabric Bluetooth Rechargeable Speakers, Black



Play you music in perfect audio at home, work, at parties and more with this Intempo Bluetooth fabric speaker set. Both speakers are designed to be wonderfully compact without hindering performance, with the larger featuring two 52mm speakers for an enhanced bass performance. The smaller desktop model fits comfortably in a bag and includes two 3 W speakers. Both of these devices have wireless and aux. input options, plus convenient rechargeable batteries for maximum portability.

  • Enjoy your favourite tracks in crystal clear audio with these Intempo Bluetooth Fabric Speakers, a two piece set for added portability.
  • Simply pair the speaker with your MP3 player, Smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth connectivity or use the aux. input option.
  • Measuring 40 x 8 cm, the larger speaker includes two 5W speakers and two passive radiators for an enhanced bass experience.
  • At a compact 16 x 6 cm, the desktop speaker makes the most of the 3 W speakers and microphone suitable for hands free calls.
  • Both devices feature a convenient rechargeable battery, simply charge them up and play your music wirelessly wherever you want.


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